Toward College Success: Is Your Teenager Ready, Willing, and Able? will help parents of middle and high school students evaluate and prepare their sons and daughters for a successful college experience, or help them decide that going to straight to college after high school is not the best path for their child.

If parents want their teenagers to successfully maneuver all the temptations of parties, late nights, and skipping classes while culling a college education, a degree, and the beginning of a promising career, they need to start preparing their teenagers long before the end of high school. This book prods parents to ask if their teenagers will be ready, willing, and able to handle self-management, personal safety, roommate conflicts, personal finances, interactions with teachers, academic responsibility, and much more.

Over nine chapters, Toward College Success shows how families and their students have struggled with a range of issues and challenges, some of which represent success stories and others not. At the end of each chapter are examples of how parents can prepare their teenage students for college and life beyond high school.


Chapter Titles:


  • College Success Requires Maturity: Is Your Teenager Ready, and Are You?
  • Going to College Now, Later, or Never?: Is Your Teenager Willing?
  • Functioning on Their Own: Is Your Teenager Able?
  • Academic Responsibilities: Playing by the Rules
  • Readin’, ‘Ritin’, and ‘Rithmatic: What’s Important About the Three Rs?
  • Researching Colleges and Universities: Asking Questions Makes a Difference
  • Drugs, Sex, Assault, and Robbery: Playing it Safe
  • The Emotional Roller Coaster: Loneliness and Emotional Support
  • Finances 101: Figuring and Managing Money
  • Final Thoughts


Toward College Success asks parents what they are doing now—while their teenagers are still living at home—to develop their students into resilient, confident, self-sufficient young adults that will succeed in college and life beyond high school.


Toward College Success