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From Bev Dunn, Colorado secondary school counselor:

After over twenty years of school counseling at both the middle and high school level, I have finally found a book that I can highly recommend to many of my parents. It discusses those many factors beyond grade point average and high school course selection that parents must consider before sending their children off to college. I have seen so many students unprepared and watched too many parents spend thousands of dollars to watch their children drop out or fail during that freshman year in college. This book can help many parents guide their children in the right direction during and after high school. One mold doesn’t fit all!


From Kate Thomsen, MS, educational consultant and rehabilitation counselor, New York:

A successful college experience depends on much more than SAT scores and financial aid packages. Carol Jones’ book is a parent’s or guidance counselor’s resource that has the potential to make the difference between college success or failure. This book addresses the need for parents to begin preparing their children for college life long before they are 18 years old. Many of us parents begin thinking about college when our kids enter high school. Parents commiserate about daunting applications, letters of reference, the dreaded essay, college visits, and FAFSA forms. It all feels overwhelming, but we plow through safe in the knowledge that once the kid is in, our work is done. Wrong! Getting into college is only the first step. Once they move into their dorms and unpack their new clothes and comforters, the real work of college begins. Too many students, even those with high SAT scores, may be woefully unprepared to navigate the independence they now find themselves “enjoying.” Many struggle needlessly because they arrive without the skills they need to be able to function in the absence of their parents. The truth is, most of us parents may be fairly clueless as to how to prepare our kids for the critical challenges that lay ahead.


This book is a must read for parents, especially middle school parents, who wish to offer their children a college education. The skills they need to self-manage are developed over time. Waiting until high school to begin the dialogue is too late.


Parents who read this book will be asking themselves really critical questions. Questions such as: Do I manage my child’s time or does he? Have I spent enough time teaching her to manage money or is there a bottomless pocket she can always reach into? Has my child learned to resolve conflict and does he know how to negotiate and compromise? (Roommate problems are almost inevitable.) Does my child understand the dangers associated with heavy drinking, unprotected sex, poor nutrition, lack of sleep? Does my child know how to study? Do I rescue my child by reminding endlessly when something is due? Do I “help” get it done when the deadline is tomorrow? Parents who start preparing their children long before the college entrance process begins will be doing their children a great service. Luckily, this book is available to help them pave the way.


From C. A. Webb, host of Conversations Live radio program:

Going to college can be one of the most exciting times for a young person and their parents as well, but these days there are more things to consider than just what looks like the best place to go in order to continue your education. For those who are interested in taking a look at the whole experience there is the book, Toward College Success: Is Your Teenage Ready, Willing, and Able? This is a book that I found particularly interesting because it allows you to think about your own child or circumstances individually of the norm for everyone else.


By asking personal questions about the child’s ability to conform to a schedule, dealing with assignments, and even the outside forces that will be confronting them, you are able to make informed decisions that may not only make the college experience more productive but also more safe.


Authors P. Carol Jones and Patricia Wilkins-Wells have given us a valuable tool that I believe will be referred back to as your young person enters college and even once the experience begins. The biggest lesson that stuck with me is knowing who you are and what your goals and limitations are. This way you are able to realistically construct a plan for your future that will provide lasting results.


Insightful, informative, and easy to read and understand, Toward College Success offers advice for those entering higher education and those who just want to be in the know.


From Jody McNally, parent of Loveland, CO, High School student:

I am one of those involved parents who try to learn as much as possible to give my children every opportunity in their education. Right now I am in the middle of getting my oldest child ready for applying for college. After reading Carol Jones’ book I found that I needed to think about some things besides just GPA and test scores. The stories in the book helped me realize that many people have been in my shoes trying to navigate this period of our children’s life. We can learn from each other’s experiences. Since hearing Carol speak and reading her book, I changed a few of our plans for our child to better prepare him for heading off to college. I am glad there are some resources like Carol’s book for those parents who are new to having high school students and need some ideas on how to best prepare them for post high school life.


Recommended reading by the college coaches at phase.2, http://www.launchphase2.com:

Being academically prepared for college level coursework is only part of the equation for success in college. Just as important is the student’s ability to self-manage and self-advocate. Ms. Jones’ book, Towards College Success, provides excellent, practical advice to parents on how to prepare and support their child, in order to succeed in college and beyond.


From Leigh Ann Dilley, parent of Fort Collins High School student:

I’ve been meaning to call you and thank you for your book! We have decided to send our son, Mitch, to Front Range Community College for one year. Even though he was accepted at several universities he seems to recognize that he is just not ready to leave home and pursue college.

I want to thank you for helping us realize, through your book, that we are setting Mitch up for success by doing this, not holding him back or stigmatizing him. We really believe that in another year, he will have more maturity and confidence in his ability, and will be much more successful in a college setting. Mitch seems much more relaxed and excited about this choice as well.




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